Our Acrylic Nail Services are by far popular with our customers as we do not use any form of ‘nail drill’ electrical machines, which can damage the nail due to prolonged use. All our Nail technicians are highly qualified and no MMA in our Salon.

We take hygiene very seriously and ensure all our products are in compliance with Health and Safety regulations. We only use professional high quality products.

Cheap Nail Salons are cropping up everywhere….
Please make an informed decision based on quality.. NOT PRICE Ever wonder why some Nail Technicians in Nail Bars/Salons; Wear masks and not their clients?
Don’t have acrylic/gel Nails themselves?
Why their containers are ‘unlabeled’?

(Methyl Methacrylate) “MMA” is a monomer (the liquid) used in some artificial nail applications that is quickly becoming a problem in local and international markets.


As early as the 1970’s the FDA (USA) expressed that MMA monomer is “a poisonous and deleterious substance and should not be used in liquid monomer for nail products” it is extremely high sensitizer and likely allergen that can cause severe allergic reactions through minor skin exposure.

MMA is extremely hard and as such having MMA on your nails can cause very serious problems.

When enough force is applied to an MMA nail to break it, the result is usually enough force to tear the natural nail plate apart. This can lead to permanent nail plate damage. It can also result in an increased risk of serious infections due to the tearing and exposure of the nail bed or surrounding tissue.

Due to the severe harness of MMA the only way to file is through excessive drilling. Salons that use MMA couldn’t care less about the health of the natural nail plate and as a consequence, the client suffers. Much of the damage associated through the use of MMA comes from severe damage attempting to apply and maintain the indestructible nail with a drill. The extra amount of drilling required to maintain these enhancements leads to situations where technicians burn the nail bed (often leaving red “rings” of fire) visible on the nail plate, over-thin the plate, and even drill through the natural nail plate.

Additional Warnings Signs Through Less Definitive: Low price of infills and full sets (MMA costs 1/3 of EMA) Dust or ventilation masked used

Unlabeled containers – technician will not show or tell the client what brand of product is being used.