Your hands say a lot about you, so make sure they say something nice by treating them well  to an occasional shellac manicure.

If you’re sick of redoing your nails every few days because your polish has chipped, peeled, or worn off, you may be considering Shellac UV Color Coat/Gel Polish which can keep your nails in perfect shape throughout your two week beach vacation.


If you’ve been reading about manicures, you may be asking yourself what is shellac manicure??

A manicure with shellac nail polish is a revolutionary new type of polish that lasts two weeks, or even longer, with a stunning finish. It is a UV nail polish similar to gel, but even better.

Shellac manicures have become massively popular over the last couple of years, and everyone wants to know what is shellac nail polish. This isn’t a fad that will soon fade. Shellac colors are gorgeously glossy and look freshly done for a couple of weeks. You can find traditional shiny reds, funky glittery colors and more natural looking pastels and neutrals. Whatever you want in a nail polish, you can find in shellac colors. You should always treat your hands with respect and wear gloves for washing up and other housework, but when you have a shellac manicure at home or at your favorite salon you’ll be surprised at how durable it is.

Shellac Pedicure

At the pedicure station your nails will be filed and shaped and then your cuticles tied up before the treatment begins.  Your nails will be cleaned so that the Shellac will adhere well to your nails. After each layer of polish is applied, your nails are “cured” in an Ultra Violet lamp box which dries the layer in seconds.  With the shellac nail varnish, you will be able to pull your socks on immediately after and step into your shoes without fear of damaging your polish and…it can last up to 14 days!

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As the Shellac is a hard-wearing polish, you are advised to return to us to have it removed professionally.  

What is Shellac

 If you’ve wondered what the differences are between a gel manicure and a Shellac manicure, they are basically the same thing – lasting nail polishes that are cured using UV lamps. The principal difference is that Shellac is the brand name for gel nails by a company called Creative Nail Design (CND). It is a hybrid, meaning half nail polish, half gel.

The product can be applied similarly to nail polish on your natural nails (no sculpting or filing). It is cured through UV lighting, just like Gels.

Shellac is a blend of gel and nail polish. Because it is like a polish, it can’t be used to extend your nail. Because it is like a gel, however, it does add strength and durability.

Many people confuse Gels with Shellac. This is because Shellac contains gel, so many consumers have mixed up their terminology, asking for a “gel manicure” when what they want is Shellac. Like Coca-Cola and Pepsi, these two are practically the same. All “gel” manicures — whether brand-name or not — have very similar technical properties: UV light cures and hardens the polish, which makes it last up to two weeks.

How long can you keep shellac on your nails?

With regular polish, the top coat begins to dull after a few days, but with gel and Shellac, they look as shiny on day 14 as they did on day 1. They may begin to peel after two weeks, but the real issue is that your own nails grow out, leaving an unpolished band near the cuticle.

The difference between Acrylic, Gel and Shellac Nails

Acrylics and Gels are fake nails placed over your natural ones. Both can be made to match the shape of the nail, or to extend it. So, when you want longer nails, you are asking for either Acrylic or Gel extensions.