They appear seemingly overnight, often in groups, stay for months on end and eventually disappear as mysteriously as they appeared. While they’re there these little white spots do nothing but annoy you. Worse still you don’t even know their name! The small lumps that appear around your eyes, cheeks and face are called Milia. They are often mistaken for white heads, which can cause ill-advised attempts to scratch or squeeze them.

However, we understand that numerous Milia on the face, particularly around the eyes, can make you feel self-conscious and make applying make-up more difficult. The best treatment for you will depend upon the type of Milia you have, as well as the location and number that require removing.

Our clients often tell us that they are tempted to treat Milia at home either by squeezing the cyst or inserting a needle into it. We strongly recommend you ask a dermatologist to remove any unwanted Milia to ensure extraction is performed in a sterile environment; extracting Milia yourself can lead to infection, skin damage and scarring.

Our therapist will anaesthetises the area then uses a thin, sterile, medical-grade needle to prick each individual Milia and gently squeeze out the little hard keratin bump. This treatment is the most common approach but it not suitable for all types of Milia.